Slag conveyor for gasification furnace Boiler

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Slag Conveyor for Gasification Furnace Boiler

1        Introduction

QH/GBL-1.2×n series scraper slag conveyor is mainly used for the mechanical slag conveying of gasification furnace boiler. The conveyor is located at the bottom of the boiler, the slag discharge port is connected to the slag silo to achieve continuous slag discharge and transportation.

The meaning of the model QH/GBL-1.2×n is as follows:

QH/GBL means scraper slag conveyor for gasification furnace boiler, taking the first letter of part of the Chinese name “Qi Hua Lu Gua Ban Lao Zha Ji” to name the series.

1.2 refers to the effective length of the scraper

n refers to the horizontal projected length of the conveyor.

2        Structure Characteristics and Working Principle

The gasification boiler slag conveyor adopts upper return chain design. It mainly consists of actuating device, driving device, press chain guide roller, supporting roller, tension device, shell, scraper and chain, and water supply system. It has compact structure, stable operation, low energy consumption and reliable performance.

3    Main Structure Features

3.1 Drive Circular Chain Gear

The chain gear is in concave-tooth split type structure. The gear is formed by precision die forging and treated by hardening treatment, so it has a relatively long service life. It has advantages as large contact area and high bearing capacity. Besides, it has a good matching with the chain, which has been proved by the practice that it will not fall easily during the operation. And the concave type split type structure is more convenient for replacement and repairing.

3.2 Scraper

The hinge pin of the scraper is inserted into the chain joint and fastened by the pin shaft, so as to form flexible connection. When the two chains do not move in synchronization, the scraper can automatically turning at a certain angle to find the best stress point and make the two chains have uniform stress.

3.3 Inner Guide Wheel

The bearing of the inner guide wheel is installed at the outside of the wheel, which has reduced the contact between the bearing and slag to guarantee the long service life of the bearing. In addition, the external bearing design is convenient for oil filling and maintenance. The sealing method is water seal, oil seal, and grease cavity combined sealing, which can ensure that the slag will not enter the bearing cavity. The outer rim has groove, and the chain will move in the groove to ensure there is no falling of chain during operation.

4   Casing

The casing is in sealing structure, both front and rear end has slide plate gate submerged in water to seal the air. The top plate is used to seal the air and for maintenance. The slag chute inlet has wear resistant anti-impact board to bear the erosive wear of the slag

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