Single roll slag crusher

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Single Roller Slag Crusher

1    General Introduction

DGS-XXX series single roller slag crusher is mainly used for the slag crushing of the slag conveying system of power plant. The crusher has reasonable design, compact structure, strong crushing force, high temperature resistance, good airtightness, stable and reliable performance, and the characteristics as auto-control slag discharge, and adjustable slag crushing granularity

The single roller slag crusher can not only be used at wet slag working condition, but also the high temperature dry slag working condition, working together with the dry slag conveyor.

2    Technical Parameter and Characteristics

According to the output, the single roller slag roller can be divided into three types: DGS830, DGS1200 and DGS60A, the respective output is ≤30t/h, ≤40t/hand ≤60t/h

Split type bearing pedestal

Easy to install and maintain. The adjustment error of the concentricity for the main roller shaft is small.

Support by roller wheel

The whole machine is installed at the roller wheel, which can be moved out along the guide rail if the maintenance is needed, making the maintenance more convenient.

Precision casted high chrome alloy tooth board

Resistant to temperature high than 450℃, high resistance to wearing, casting appearance error is small.

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