What does the boiler auxiliary equipment include?

Boiler auxiliary equipment mainly includes water supply equipment, ventilation equipment, fuel supply, slag removal and dust removal equipment, steam and water pipes and accessories, detection instruments and automatic control equipment.


1. Water supply equipment

It is composed of water treatment equipment, water supply tank and feed pump 24. Water treatment equipment is used to remove impurities in water, such as oxygen, calcium and magnesium ions, to avoid scaling and corrosion on the inner wall of steam boiler, and to ensure the quality of boiler water supply. The treated boiler feed water is lifted by the feed water pump and then sent to the upper drum through the economizer.


2. Ventilation

The ventilation equipment includes air supply fan, induced draft fan and chimney. Its function is to provide air for mule fuel combustion and lead out combustion product flue gas from the boiler, so as to ensure the normal combustion, and make the flue gas wash the heating surface at the necessary flow rate of 7a68696466fe78988e69d8331333433626465 to strengthen heat transfer. Finally, the stack with a certain height will exhaust the smoke to the atmosphere to reduce the smoke pollution and improve environmental health.


3. Fuel supply, slag removal and dust removal equipment

This is for conveying fuel to boiler, removing ash and purifying flue gas. Belt conveyor, ash conveyor, ash truck and dust remover, etc. For boilers that need to be pre processed with fuel, fuel preparation such as screening, crushing and coal grinding shall also be included. In addition, the dust remover or flue gas desulfurization and denitrification device installed in the flue at the tail of the boiler is an indispensable auxiliary equipment to reduce the smoke pollution and protect the environment.


4. Check instruments and automatic control equipment

In addition to water level gauge, pressure gauge, safety valve and other instruments installed on the boiler body, in order to supervise, regulate and control the safe and economic normal operation of the boiler equipment, a series of instruments, automatic boiler feed water regulating device, automatic fuel combustion control device, etc. are often installed. Some boiler rooms are also equipped with industrial television and remote control device and even more modern automatic control system, more Scientific supervision. Control boiler operation.

Boiler auxiliary equipment, not every boiler is equipped completely, but with the boiler capacity, type, fuel characteristics and combustion mode as well as water quality characteristics and many other factors to adapt to local conditions, adapt to the times, more practical requirements and objective conditions.

Post time: Dec-26-2019