Can smart pumps save time, improve accuracy and reduce pressure?

Although many brewing tasks are automated pumping machines, pumping machines have not changed much. Centrifugal pumps can deliver liquid quickly but not necessarily gently. The more expensive positive displacement pumps are more gentle, but if you close the outflow valve before closing the pump, they will blow up the hose. The pneumatic diaphragm pump is gentle but requires an on-site air compressor. Personally, when I was making wine professionally, I spilled a lot of wine from a full barrel and probably oxidized a few other wines while emptying.

Now, the oenope company is bringing precision and automation to regular pumps. Oenope is a positive displacement pump manufactured by French company PMH and sold and served by north American company Pellenc. It has the following main functions to improve accuracy and reduce wine transfer labor force:

Emmanuel Jougounoux, director of the Pelenc winery division, explains that oenope USES spiral blades, which provide tighter assembly and less oxidation. More than 300 pumps are sold worldwide each year, ranging from 55 to 255 gallons per minute, with variable speed motors.

Mixing accuracy. The most common way for a small winery to measure the actual number of gallons being transferred is to place an oil dipstick into a jar, which is to wine what a sundial is to time. If oenoppe took X gallons of gasoline from tank A, moved it to tank B, and programmed it in units such as Y gallons, no ruler would be used, Savre adds. Fortunately, orno’s flowmeter integration is amazing! “Benn likes the fact that you can program it to count up or down to the required number of gallons,” he said, adding, “you can rely on the flow meter to accurately measure the batch as opposed to someone standing at the top of the tank with a stick and a flashlight.”

Drum filling automation. Because of the volume variability of hand-made casks, the winemaker used oenoppe to set the flow meter just below full. Then, fill the barrel by hand from the feeding tank, or manually open and close the barrel rod, which starts and stops oenope. For a standard positive displacement pump, it is not possible to stop the pump by closing the valve. Benn points out, “it’s more efficient to rack and roll down. It runs very fast.”

Post time: Dec-19-2019