Boiler Deslagging

Slag build-up on water-wall and tubing of pulverized coal (PC) fired boilers causes problems for equipment operators.  The slag forms due to a number of factors and varies from unit to unit.  Coal composition, operating temperature, and fuel-to-air ratio are among the variables that impact the extent and nature of boiler slagging.  Some of the effects of the slag build up, which causes equipment operators to implement boiler deslagging initiatives, are as follows:

The heat transfer from the furnace to water-walls may be reduced.
Large clinkers may form on the tube elements and fall, damaging the ash pit.
Soot blowing frequency has to be increased, which accelerates tube erosion.
Slag which forms and breaks away from the tubes may cause a thermal cycling that stresses the boiler tubes.

Post time: Oct-16-2018