An alternative to a pallet conveyor

 On another conveyor, which has an underpass chassis, Stelron is fitted with four md-2 through-hole indexers to efficiently feed platelet separator parts into the chassis linkage. Bitzer says the indexer’s chase holes also make it easy to connect the trachea and cables to pneumatic grippers, auxiliary CAM drives and robotic devices.


Such success stories are common to both PLC and travelling-wave beams. Both are “old, reliable” technologies that operate successfully year after year with little fanfare, which is good for manufacturers in industries such as automobiles, medical devices, white goods, packaging, consumer goods and electrical parts.


Programmable logic controllers (PLCS) developed in the 1950s are ideal for automated assembly of products with 10 or more parts. The conveyor belt indicates a precise stroke when the device mounted on the side performs the assembly function. This event is then repeated several times along the entire length of the conveyor until the product is complete.


PLC is only used for applications where assembly precision is critical. Never simply send parts into a production line. The conveyors are driven by a cam-driven or servo-driven rotary indexing device, which consists of machined plates or pallets connected in a chain of tank pedals. The chain runs on a track between two large sprockets.


Roller bearings enable the plate to move smoothly along the track and rotate as it moves around the sprocket. The parts fixture is mounted directly on a plate made of aluminum, steel or cast iron. Aluminum sheets are lighter and cheaper, but stretch over time in high-speed applications.


Conveyor belt below and conveyor belt configuration. In the former, the board is parallel to the floor; In the latter, they are perpendicular. With the super bottom conveyor, work can only be done on the top pallet. This makes the underconfiguration more suitable for the process of applying more force to the conveyor, such as pressing down or screw drive.

Post time: Dec-05-2019