• Introduction of Dry Slag Removal System

           Dry slag removal system is suitable for boilers burning low-ash coal because it requires that the air flow for cooling the dry slag of a boiler should not exceed 1% of the total air flow of the boiler.        The dry slag removal system is mainly composed of two parts: the first part inclu...
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  • The necessity of Power Plant Boiler Auxiliary Equipment maintenance

    Electric energy is the most widely used energy at present.But in the operation process of the power plant boiler, it is easy to appear all kinds of faults, which lead to the shutdown of the boiler, and bring serious economic losses.In particular, the failure rate of boiler auxiliaries is high, wh...
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  • Using Explosives for Boiler Deslagging

    Using Explosives for Boiler Deslagging

    Slagging is the formation of molten, partially fused or re-solidified deposits on furnace walls and other surfaces exposed to radiant heat. Over a period of time, a base deposit of slag may also form on boiler tubes. The base deposit may be initiated by the settling of fine ash particles or the g...
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  • Boiler Deslagging

    Boiler Deslagging

    Slag build-up on water-wall and tubing of pulverized coal (PC) fired boilers causes problems for equipment operators.  The slag forms due to a number of factors and varies from unit to unit.  Coal composition, operating temperature, and fuel-to-air ratio are among the variables that impact the ex...
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