Hydraulic shutoff gate

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Hydraulic Shutoff Gate

1    General Introduction

GDM-n series hydraulic shutoff gate is used to isolate the system while the slag handling system of the boiler is under maintenance. It can store and carry slag amount to the quantity discharged in 4 – 6 hours under MCR condition burning the design coal. The shutoff gate can close tightly and no ash leaking and no obvious air leaking, which can ensure the good sealing of the furnace to guarantee the normal operation of boiler. It is usually hanging installed under the boiler bottom slag well by flange or welding connection, and working together with the slag conveyor and slag well.

2    Model and Meaning

DGM – n: n refers to number of the gate.

3    Characteristics of Structure

A    Adopt advanced electrohydraulic control system

The shutoff gate adopts advanced electrohydraulic control system, which makes the operation flexible and easy and the working reliable. The hydraulic system has no oil leaking and has a high working pressure and quick actions. The shutoff gate adopts electric interlock control, which means operate each control cabinet in the pre-set sequence to close and open the gate normally, if the operation is wrong, the electric part will not give feedback.

B    Equip the oil cylinder of the shutoff gate with mechanical non-return lock

The hydraulic shutoff gate has double protection from the hydraulic lock and the mechanical non-return lock. The protection can avoid the opening of gate due to hydraulic defect caused by oil leaking, so as to ensure the safety and reliability under the maintenance of the shutoff gate.

C    Side door interlocked structure

The hydraulic shutoff gate adopts inner and outer side door interlocked structure. This structure can make the doors have no gaps to ensure the gate close tightly, reduce the air leaking from the furnace, guarantee the stable combustion, and improve the combustion efficiency of boiler.

D    The shutoff gate is lined with anti-corrosion insulation layer

The shutoff gate is lined with fire-proof and anti-corrosion concrete, making it have a long service life and not easy to deform under heating condition, and the clearance between the aprons is small, and sealing is good.

4    Main Technical Parameter

Model of Oil Pump Motor






Motor Speed


Oil Cylinder Diameter


Rater Pressure of Oil Cylinder


Thrust Force of Oil Cylinder


Thrust Force of Oil Cylinder


Working Medium

General hydraulic oil

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