Quality Control


Conduct quality control activities according to QG/ZZ 01-2011 requirements and procedures of the quality/environmental manual.

Quality control procedures:

1. The design department and the technologie shall be responsible for the accuracy of the drawing, manufacturing process and drawing change contact sheet. And before the production, the production backbone, quality control inspectors of the manufacturing departments will be in the technical background.

2. The list compilers shall compile the list of materials according to the drawing and manufacturing process, make the list of materials, make the inventory, make the shipping list, and be responsible for its accuracy. The parts that need to be disconnected and prefabricated should be communicated with the manufacturing department in advance in order to avoid waste or unnecessary splicing.

3, manufacturing department is responsible for the workshops according to the design drawings, manufacturing processes, technology conditions and production list for materials from receiving to product manufacturing process of the stages of fabrication self-inspection, mutual inspection, and especially the work.

4, quality control department is responsible for purchase department of procurement of raw materials, workshop produce semi-finished products and finished products inspection, inspectors to record quality data, process quality status and submitted timely completion of inspection records; The document is collected and shipped together with the shipping components to the installation site