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SZJ Series Dry Ash Bulk Loader

1    Introduction

The SZJ – 100A tanker bulk loader is applicable to electric power and chemical industry, which can load dry powder material into the bulk tanker. It is mainly used for unloading the material in dry-type dust remover, ash hopper and ash silo to the tanker. The bulk loader can operate interlocked with the feeding device under the hoppers/silos, and when the tanker is full of material, the loader will stop unloading automatically. For the automatic loading process, high loading efficiency and low powder pollution, the bulk loader is an ideal equipment for loading and unloading the bulk powder material.

2    Main Structure and Working Principle

1)   Retractable Bulk Loader

The retractable bulk loader consists of the transmission bracket, hoisting device, transmission device, loose rope mechanism, channel steel seat, level indicator, dust exhaust fan, ash chute, dust exhaust pipe, and loader head. The ash flows into the tanker through the ash chute by the gravity. The dust between the chute and the dust exhaust pipe is collected to the dust bag or silo by the dust exhaust fan. The chute and dust exhaust pipe are retractable pipe, by the raising and lowering the pipe, the loader head can be lifted or lowered to the tanker so as to adapt to the tankers with different height.

The raising and lowering of the loader head is achieved by the hoist transmission system and its safety control device and loose rope mechanism.

When the loader head raises, the upper limit position is controlled by the stroke switch of the safety control system; when the loader head lowers, the hoist releases the rope, and the head moves down by the gravity and will match tightly with the upper opening of the tanker. Continue to release the rope, the rope will completely lose the suspended load, and the stroke switch of the loose rope mechanism will act to cut off the power to stop the hoist motor.

2)   Level Indicator

The function of the level indicator is achieved by the solid tuning fork type level indicator or pneumatic level indicator. The material level will increasing after starting feeding material to touch the probe, and the indicator will send out signal to stop the feeding automatically, and the hoist will lift the bulk loader head.

3    Technical Parameter






Loading Capacity  t/h




Material Discharge pipe diameter  φmm




Material Gathering Pipe Diameter  φmm




Loader Head Stroke  mm


Loader Head Lifting Speed  m/min




Size (Length × Width × Height)  mm


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